Belgian online stores break record in 2018

Pakketten recordjaar voor Belgische internetwinkels

Mechelen – 2018 was a record year for Belgian online stores: 10.67 billion euros was spent online. This is half a billion euros more than in 2017. These figures are listed in the Becommerce Market Monitor.

Half a billion more

People in Belgium spent an average total amount of 1,273 euros in 2018. The year before it was 1,191 euros. In total, half a billion euros more was spent in 2018 compared to 2017.

Top 3 growth

The ‘Games’ category experienced strongest growth: in 2018 consumers bought 38 percent more games online compared to 2017. ‘Health & beauty’ products came second with a growth of 35 percent. And ‘Clothing’ came third: online stores sold 18 percent more clothing in 2018.

De BeCommerce Market Monitor (article only available in Dutch) maps the whole Belgian e-commerce consumer market. The research is conducted by GfK and is made possible by PostNL, Google and Worldline.