PostNL Pharma & Care invests €8 million in the modernization of GDP conditioned transport

Road transport fleet is equipped with unique ‘Cool Down Unit’

nieuwe vloot voor PostNL Pharma & Care

The European GDP regulation ensures that the quality of pharmaceutical products is guaranteed in every link of the distribution chain. To address the ever growing demand from the market, PostNL Pharma & Care is investing €8 million in a modernized road transport fleet.

“Pharmaceuticals are a rapidly changing market. Hospitals and pharmacists are investing increasingly in storage space for large stocks for which the demand for just-in-time and 24-hour delivery is growing. This is not evident in the GDP regulation,” says Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyze, General Manager Pharma & Care.

In order to meet the ever more stringent conditions and the demand from the pharmaceutical sector, PostNL has developed a unique Cool Down Unit (CDU) specifically for medicines that have to be transported under a temperature of 2-8°C . This CDU is situated under the lorry so that medicines and vaccines are always delivered under the right conditions.

“We have also invested in a new, innovative track and trace system. We are in constant contact with our drivers from the control room,” Nicolas continues. “We have a real-time view of the temperature thanks to built-in sensors, and can respond optimally to guarantee the quality.”

The investment in a modernized fleet of vehicles confirms the market confidence of PostNL. As market leader in Belgium, PostNL Pharma & Care is daily responsible for some 1,000 pallets and 20,000 packages to Belgian pharmacists, hospitals and wholesalers.

About PostNL Pharma & Care

We are the logistics partner for companies, distributors and wholesalers in the healthcare sector. With PostNL Pharma & Care we transport medicines, vaccines, healthcare products, medical devices and equipment according to the legal GDP guidelines. Our trained drivers drive conditioned lorries where the temperature of the transported goods in particular is constantly monitored.