PostNL is also going for our future

These days, everyone has something to say about sustainability. Because the way we treat our planet is crucial to humanity.

Sustainability is thus not just about environmental protection. It stands for a long-term societal and economic policy. 

All transport and logistics challenges we face will be aligned to this philosophy. That is why PostNL has anchored the concept of ‘sustainability’ within its business philosophy in this statement.

Environment as priority

We should not delay any longer if we wish to leave a liveable planet to the generations that succeed us. We need to work in an environmentally-friendly way today to secure their future. 

Environmentally-friendly working starts with buildings with geothermal systems, switching to eco electricity, taking energy and water-saving measures, and separating and recycling waste. 

Vehicle manufacturers need to work even more towards a technology that focuses on reducing CO2, nitrogen and particulate emissions. Vehicles that can be driven on natural gas or electricity and have particle filters make useful contributions to environmental sustainability. 

Not only industry but consumers also need to contribute. Drivers can follow courses in environmentally-friendly driving and optimised route-planning can also reduce vehicle use. 

Every one of us can contribute so that our children and grandchildren can grow up in good health. In a world in which life is already pretty good. PostNL is already contributing to this. Are you too?

Lean & Green

The Flemish Institute for Logistics has rewarded PostNL Cargo Belgium bvba with the ‘Lean and Green Award’. Companies that work actively to make their logistical processes more sustainable are eligible for this award. 

For this PostNL presented a detailed action plan to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20% within a five-year period. PostNL is realising this CO2 reduction in different ways. Investing in a new fleet of 53 temperature-controlled lorries is an example of this. Other measures include an active energy-awareness programme in offices and on the workfloor and combining routes for smart clustering of consignments.

Being an excellent employer

For us, this means: A focus on all people who work for and with us. So that they like working at PostNL, feel responsible for the communal results and thus contribute to the success of the company. That is why we make sure people feel at home in our company and are given the space to work on their own future prospects. We do this in different ways: 

Involvement: engaged employees are important, because they help us to realise our ambitions. That is why we ask employees to be honest about what they think of PostNL as an employer, but we also compel ourselves to work towards higher engagement and a better, more pleasant working environment. 

Diversity: good balance in the workforce makes our organisation stronger, more innovative and attractive. Whether it’s either about multicultural diversity or more women at the top. We work hard on all these issues. 

Job security: we ensure that our employees are strong on the employment market. For example, through e.g. training they could contribute to sustainable employment - even if this employment is outside PostNL. Employees’ families also have cheap access to all kinds of PostNL Academy online training courses.