Send mail internationally

With PostNL, you can send mail to 190 different countries worldwide. Check out the international mail rates and other conditions here.

Send Bulk Mail internationally

Do you often send invoices, reminders, bank statements or other letters to multiple countries outside Europe? Then you know how important it is for your mail to be safely and properly delivered.

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Send Direct Mail internationally

Are you looking to generate leads, launch new products or advertise special offers? We know the market. Worldwide.

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Send Letterbox Packets internationally

Do you send a lot of small items like DVDs, samples or books to international destinations? Then PostNL has the perfect solution for you: letterbox packages.

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Send Registered Mail internationally

Do you want to send valuable and important mail with certainty of delivery? Or are you looking for a cheap and reliable solution for parcels up to 2 kg? Then our registered mail service is probably right for you.

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