Send Registered Mail internationally

Option: send your mail to multiple countries at once

Do you want to send valuable and important mail with certainty of delivery? Or are you looking for a cheap and reliable solution for parcels up to 2 kg? Then our registered mail service is probably right for you.

We send your mail via our regular postal network, making it less expensive than a standard parcel delivery. With the unique barcode on your shipment, your customer can track the status online with Track & Trace. And Proof of shipping provides extra certainty.

The benefits of sending Registered Mail internationally

What does it cost?

The rate per letter depends on the weight, dimensions and number of registered mail shipments per year. 

If you become a regular customer with a contract, we will work together to find a custom solution for your business, making you eligible for a discount. 

To find out what PostNL can do for you

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  • Max. dimension: H + L + W = 90 cm (longest side = max 60 cm)
  • Max. weight: 2 kg