Brexit and the consequences

When sending post and parcels

Brexit has consequences for everyone sending and delivering to and from the UK. This mainly concerns letters and parcels containing goods. Below is more information about the consequences this has for sending and receiving.

UK leaves the European Union

On the 31st of January 2020, the UK will leave the European Union and no longer be a member of the EU. An important consequence: after this date, other conditions apply to the cooperation of UK parties with an EU country such as the Netherlands. This mainly concerns conditions in the area of delivery times, delivery conditions, customs formalities and rates.

What exactly changes?

Fully completed customs forms are now required with each shipment 

Post and parcels containing goods are not accepted when required information is missing. The UK becomes a Non-EU country after Brexit and customs forms need to be attached to each shipment (see examples here: CN22 & CN23). It is therefore essential that you enter the customs forms completely and use the correct labels. Do you use an API or other systems of your own administration? Then make sure your IT department adds the new required information fields. The technical information to make the changes is available on developer site. The following changes: 

  • The UK changes from a EU country to a non-EU country: all our systems are changed based on a hard Brexit of the changes. 
  • Extra strict customs checks possible. 
  • Rates and supplementary surcharges may change as a result of extra formalities. 

Hard or soft Brexit?

The baseline scenario is that the UK will leave the EU on 31st of January in 2020. This will have consequences. When exactly these consequences will occur is not yet known. It depends on a so-called hard or soft Brexit. In the event of a soft Brexit there will be a transitional period in the agreement between the UK and the EU. This gives all parties time to prepare for the consequences. In the event of a hard Brexit there is no transitional period and everything is converted immediately.

PostNL preparing for hard Brexit

Only if we expect this scenario will we prepare to the maximum. This preparation implies that we change all our processes to be able to send letters and parcels to the UK as a Non-EU country. We are also working hard on mapping the consequences, such as possible rate changes. As soon as this is known the necessary communication will be sent out.