Evening Delivery

Receipt of online orders in the evening

If you offer your customers the Evening Delivery service, the package will be delivered in the evening. We deliver packages to many places throughout Flanders on Tuesday and Thursday evening. We will deliver the package to your customer's address between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm. But what if your customer is unable to accept the package? Then we will try again the next night.

Benefits for your webshop

  • You respond to the needs of your customer
  • You offer more services, increasing the number of clicks and ultimately your sales

Benefits for your clients

  • Wider choice of delivery times
  • Delivery at an agreed time

How much does it cost?

A surcharge on your standard packages tariff will be applicable for the Evening Delivery service. Contact your account manager for more information.

How does it work?

The delivery options can be integrated into your webshop

You can make Evening Delivery available in your webshop very easily. PostNL provides you with solutions to ensure the connection can be implemented easily.

Request delivery options

  • Do you send more than two packages a week, and are you a business customer? 
You can order the Evening Delivery service for your webshop. Please contact your account manager for the options or, if you are not yet a customer with us, via our contact form
  • If you send less than two packages per week, it is more advantageous to use the Online Shipping Tool. If you use the Online Shipping Tool, the Evening Delivery service will unfortunately not be available for your webshop.