Medicines and medical devices delivered to your door?

Fast and safe delivery service thanks to a combination of knowledge from the GDP and parcel networks

Medical devices have to be delivered under the right conditions and at the right time. Whether it be wound care materials, medical nutrition or rollators and crutches, good care can be provided only if medical devices are delivered on time -- to the patient’s home or to a healthcare institution.


  • Shipments are bundled 
  • Miscellaneous medical devices are pre-sorted 
  • Everything is delivered at one go to the healthcare institution 
  • For patients, we deliver every day of the week 
  • Expertly trained delivery staff

How does it work?

With so many logistical operations involved, from supplier to healthcare institution to patient, home delivery is quite a challenge – especially if you work with many different suppliers. At Pharma & Care we bundle all these shipments. We pre-sort medical devices from several suppliers and deliver them to a healthcare institution in one go. For patients, we deliver every day of the week. We can also place or install each device at the desired location in the house as and where necessary. Our delivery staff have undergone expert training to that end.

Personal care – the right care from offsite also

The relocation of care to the home domain is giving rise to new needs as well. Think of the installation of monitors, video call connections and sensors for fall prevention. This calls for a logistics service provider staffed with people who can also install the products they deliver and answer a patient’s questions. Our delivery staff are expertly trained for that purpose. So that as a healthcare provider, you can rest assured that patients will receive the right offsite care also.

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