Shipping options

Select them yourself with PostNL

Would you prefer to have Signature of Delivery? Or offer your customer the option to pay at the door? All of that can be done. PostNL will send and deliver your parcel. And you can select under which conditions to send it.

  • Close to your customers thanks to our various shipping options
  • The more parcels, the higher your discount
  • Combine different shipping options per parcel

As a regular customer, you send large amounts with great contract conditions, earning you a discount per parcel. You have access to more shipping options than those listed in the Online Postage Tool. And you can select your shipping options to meet the needs of your shipment. We do include a surcharge, depending on the amount and combination of shipping options. But you pay less per parcel. 

If you wish to send small amounts or a parcel every now and then, opt for the inexpensive Online Postage Tool. This includes fewer shipping options than we offer to regular customers with a contract. But the shipping options Signature of Delivery, Deliver to Neighbours and the CRM insurance are included in the parcel rate. 

We are happy to find a custom solution for your company. 

Want to find out what PostNL can do for you or see if you are eligible for a discount?

Do you want to make sure your parcel was delivered? Or know who accepted your parcel? Opt for Signature of Delivery.
To add extra insurance coverage for your valuable items in the event of loss or damage, opt for Extra Coverage.
As an extra delivery option you can choose to offer your customers the possibility of having their parcel delivered directly to a PostNL Location. We have 1100 nation-wide PostNL Locations. Pick up at PostNL Location
You want to have your online orders delivered in the evening? Opt for Evening Delivery.