Customs forms

For all your shipments to destinations outside the EU

If you ship goods to a country outside the European Union, then you must complete a CN22 or CN23 customs form, depending on the weight. Based on the completed form, the customs authority will check whether you need to pay import duties. You will find the right form for your shipment below.

Difference between the CN22 and CN23 customs forms

This difference depends on the weight of the parcel. A CN22 customs form is required for shipments up to 2 kg. You need a customs form even if you send a letter containing goods. That could be a pen or a keychain, for example.

For parcels up to 20 kg, you must complete a CN23 customs form. The CN23 form requires more information than the CN22 form.

You will find tips on how to complete this form as well as possible further down on this page. Then your shipments will arrive at their destination as quickly and as completely as possible.

CN22 form

Examples of when you use this form:

  • Registered mail up to 2 kg
  • Direct Mail up to 2 kg

Download the form  in colour  (to be completed digitally) or in black and white. You can also get the form via Mijn PostNL*

CN23 form

Examples of when you use this form:

  • Insured parcel up to 20 kg
  • Parcel up to 20 kg
  • Registered parcel up to 20 kg
Download the form. You can also get the form via Mijn PostNL*

*Mijn PostNL is the business shipping environment for PostNL customers. An account is required for the service.

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