Advantages of business mail abroad

  • Choice of size

    We offer you the choice according to size: large, small, special or mixed 
  • Reliable delivery

    Represented in 13 countries with our own offices and with local knowledge on hand via our global network. 
  • Affordable rates

    You are eligible for as few as 100 units. 

How does sending international bulk mail work?

  • Hand over everything in the same size

    Per batch of mail you deliver, the basic rule is that the mail items have the same appearance and format and fall within the same weight class. For example, 0 to 20 grams or 20 to 50 grams. You then deliver the mail as small, large or special. Look at the scheme for the exact sizes.
  • Mixed consignments

    If you send mail with different formats and want to save time, you can also hand over mixed consignments. You no longer need to sort, weigh or stamp your mail yourself. We will do that for you. Please note: For shipments within Belgium, the letters may contain goods. For mixed consignments to other countries, the letters may not contain any goods. 
  • Additional services

    If you are sending something valuable and you therefore need more security by means of a signature on delivery, or if you want priority delivery abroad, ask one of our account managers about the services you can choose from. 

Hand over the same sizes per batch


Dimensions and weight 




Maximum C5 size and 50 g 

Paper: sealed envelope, card or self-mailer 



Maximum C4 size and 350 g 

Paper: sealed envelope, card or self-mailer foil 



Maximum 380 x 265 x 32 mm and 2 kg 

All mail items, including foil 

All types: also goods and gadgets 

What does it cost?

The postage costs are determined by the size, weight and total number of items. If you are sending a batch with mixed sizes, we charge based on the average weight. 

If you have specific requirements or larger consignments, we will be happy to discuss them with you and offer a custom quote. 


You can only use this service if you have a Dutch return address. 

Are you perhaps looking for this?

Send business mail to the Netherlands

Do you mainly send bulk mail to the Netherlands? Check out our shipping options.

Parcels with a contract

Sending parcels instead of mail? That is cheaper with a contract. You also get more shipping options.

Custom forms

If you ship goods to a country outside the European Union, then you must complete a CN22 or CN23 custom form. 

Can we help you with your business query?

Send us a message via Whatsapp and we will be happy to help you.