Response Service

Worldwide response with our handy Response Service

PostNL’s Response Service makes you accessible to your customers. And it allows them to respond very easily. In the Netherlands or abroad.

PostNL has a solution for every destination. For example, we offer a free international response service to Dutch reply numbers. This is perfect for when your customers send back reply cards and letters. It results in better response management and increases reaction speed. 

With our distribution network, you can receive mail from anywhere in the world. You can choose when and how often.

The benefits of Response Service

  • Your local look and feel offers trust and recognition which leads to an increase response 
  • With it, you can offer your customers the option to respond for free, which leads to positive feedback 
  • The same service worldwide
  • Local postal rate
  • Increased response

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What does it cost?

You pay a monthly fee for the PO box. The rate per mail item/postcard depends on the destination and the service: national or international, free or paid. In addition, you also pay a fee to have your reply cards delivered.

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How does it work?

We offer a PO box with a reply number per country, where you also advertise. For free. If you opt for a paid response service for your domestic customers, with PO Box Service, we can offer you a PO Box with a reply number in the countries in which you advertise.


  • Max. 0.5 kg or Max. 2 kg ? 
  • Max. 38 x 26.5 x 32 mm
  • Available in: the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, the United States, Hungary and France