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Business services that make it easy for you

From distribution overviews around the festive season to handy online tools and digital ordering of supplies. Need help? Contact us.

Customised advice

Delivery around the holidays

Custom delivery for shipment days and delivery days around the holidays:

  • Always be able to find the latest overview
  • Distribution days Parcels in Belgium & The Netherlands
  • Distribution days Pharma & Cara in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany

Ordering supplies

From bags to treasury tags and labels. Order supplies online easily.

  • Complete the form online with your contact details and the delivery location
  • Let us know which materials you need and how many pieces
  • Send the form and receive your own copy of the application

Online Tools

Find your way to our International partners, Online Shipping service and more in the Online Tools list:

  • International
  • Parcels
  • Pharma & Care
  • Extra@Home