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Brexit has been a fact since February 2020, but from 1 January 2021 it also has consequences for the shipment of goods to the United Kingdom (UK). There will be no free movement of goods between Belgium and the UK anymore. For shipments to the UK, the shipment conditions to countries outside the EU apply. Every shipment has to be declared to Customs. 

PostNL has prepared for a hard Brexit. And we ask our (business) customers to do the same.

1. General

What is the status of Brexit?

Who will be affected by Brexit?

Which products will be affected by Brexit?

Does Brexit apply to the whole United Kingdom?

What exactly does Brexit mean for shipments to the UK?

Why must I prepare the shipment online (business)?

Will delivery times to the UK be affected?

2. PostNL and Brexit

What is Brexit's impact on PostNL's services?

How does PostNL prepare for Brexit?

3. Customs forms

Waarom moet ik douaneformulieren gebruiken voor het VK?

Which extra information must I provide?

How must I provide this extra information?

4. Extra costs: VAT, import duties and clearance charges

What do I have to pay extra in VAT, import duties and clearance charges

Do these costs apply to all business shippers?

Where can I find more information about this?

5. EORI number

What is an EORI number?

When must I request an EORI number?

Why do I need an EORI number for the UK?

I already have an EORI number (customs number) for countries outside the EU. Can I use it for the UK?

Where can I find more information about this?

Specifically for consumers and small businesses (via retail or postweb)

Will I be paying more for my shipment to the UK now?

Specifically for Business shippers (MyPostNL, PostNL API, Zelfbouw, Plugins)

The UK will be outside the EU, do I have to use other product codes?

Will I pay more for my shipment to the UK?

Will anything else change apart from the pricing and the product codes?

Zijn er aanpassingen nodig voor API, zelfbouw of plug-ins gebruikers?

What does this mean for customers using Parcelware Desktop?

Returns from the UK

What about returns?

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