Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about surcharges for destinations outside Europe

These frequently asked questions are intended for companies that offer their international shipments through a business account (MijnPostNL) or through the PostNL API. The Coronavirus measures that are being taken around the world are having an impact on our international service. We no longer deliver to a number of destinations and we offer alternative transport for other destinations. This often entails different costs. We have therefore been forced to apply a temporary surcharge as of 13 April 2020 for shipments with destinations outside Europe (postal rate zone: Rest of World).


Why do I have to pay a surcharge for shipments outside Europe?

What alternative forms of transport do you use exactly?

Until when will this surcharge apply?

How much is the surcharge?

What does the line [description] on my invoice mean?

Can PostNL just implement this surcharge?

What if I do not agree with this surcharge?