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Only one delivery attempt

The online market is evolving rapidly. PostNL is constantly responding to this by adapting its parcel delivery service to both the growth and the wishes of senders and recipients. Our aim is to deliver parcels immediately: wherever and whenever. 

Consumers can increasingly choose where and when they want their parcel delivered. In Belgium we have achieved an average of 96% for all deliveries. A large number of the recipients who are not at home are not there either when a second delivery attempt is made. Our customer satisfaction survey shows that these recipients prefer to have their parcel delivered directly to a PostNL point. 

We respond to this need by delivering the parcel to the PostNL point after the first delivery attempt. This means the recipient will be able to pick up the parcel a day earlier.

Why this change?

When will this change come into force?

To whom does this change apply?

Does this mean I no longer have the option ‘Change delivery’ after an unsuccessful first delivery attempt?

Where can I pick up my parcel after an unsuccessful delivery attempt?

Where can I find information about my parcel?

How long is a parcel available at a PostNL point for pick up?

Wordt het aantal PostNL-punten nog verder uitgebreid?

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