Receive an international parcel

When will your international parcel arrive?

Are you expecting an international parcel? With our international Track & Trace service, you can use your postcode and barcode to directly track the location of your parcel. Parcels that have a barcode starting with RS are delivered via the local mail network in Belgium. Barcodes starting with CD and 3S can be tracked here.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace


The benefits of receiving an international parcel

  • Delivery Monday-Saturday
  • Change your delivery details after a first failed delivery attempt and enter your preferred delivery day or a PostNL Location
  • Two delivery attempts, then it is held at a PostNL Location for fourteen days
  • Is your parcel originating from The Netherlands? You can then choose to have your parcel directly delivered at one of the 1100 PostNL Locations* (standard delivery time is 48hrs).
* only available if the web shop where you ordered offers this as delivery option.

How does it work?

Is your parcel or mail from outside Europe? Then it will have to go through customs. In the Netherlands, PostNL has its own sorting centre with a customs department. They check the letters and parcel contents with their accompanying customs clearance documents. Once the mail has been cleared in Belgium, letters with an RS code go to the local Belgian post office. Parcels with a CD or 3S code are delivered by PostNL.