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Circumstances which can influence the transit time of your international mail

Below you find an overview of the current international service alerts.

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General update COVID-19

At the moment it is not possible to send mail and parcels to certain countries (see below). Countries around the world are taking measures due to the coronavirus that may affect logistical processes. This page provides current information per destination. 

In addition to delays in many destinations, some countries are updating their processes to minimise contact between deliverer and recipient during pick up and drop off. This can mean that they no longer request a signature for receipt, and the shipment is simply delivered. It also may be the case that routes into certain countries become unavailable. The overview provides information about which disruptions may affect international mail and parcel delivery.

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Current events

Delayed delivery due to COVID-19

No delivery due to COVID-19

Romania (RO)

Bermuda (BM)

New Zealand (NZ)

Belarus (BY)

Romania (RO)

United States (US)

Cayman Islands (KY)

Poland (PL)

Turkmenistan (TM)

Greece (GR)

Germany (DE)

Hong Kong (HK)

Luxembourg (LU)

Malta (MT)


Sri Lanka (LK)

Israel and Palestinian Territories

Australia (AU)

France (FR)

Nepal (NP)

France (FR)

Canada (CA)

Italy (IT)

Indonesia (ID)

Australia (AU)

Brazil (BR)

United States (US)

Chile (CH)

France (FR)

United Kingdom (UK)

Spain (ES)