Phishing e-mails are circulating

An e-mail has been sent around this week that is designed to look as if it comes from PostNL. Criminals may have sent this phishing e-mail to our customers on a large scale. Some customers may have received the e-mail multiple times.

I have received a phishing e-mail. What should I do?

We advise you not to click on the Internet link in the e-mail or to forward the e-mail to others. If you have received it, the best thing to do is delete it immediately.

Unfortunately, I clicked on the link, what now?

If you clicked on the link, it is possible that a program has been installed on your computer that will compromise certain files on it. We recommend cleaning your computer with a virus scanner, such as: Baidu, Bkav, CrowdStrike Falcon (ML), Cyren, F-Prot, McAfee-GW-Edition, Rising or Symantec.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a form of Internet fraud in which criminals ‘go fishing’ online for your personal (banking) information or install harmful software on your computer. You receive an SMS, e-mail or Internet link that appears to be from a well-known company such as PostNL.
You are then asked to log in or to verify your personal details, for example, your bank account number, PIN code, national registration number or credit card details. A small program (known as a Trojan horse) or a virus may also be installed that will actively search for personal details and send them to the fraudster. This gives that person access to all of these details, with the predictable consequences. The virus can also block (files on) a computer. In order to repair the computer, you will be pressured to pay ransom to the fraudsters.

Overview of examples of the phishing mails that are currently circulating

Phishing mail

Senders of phishing mails

You can always recognise e-mails from PostNL because they will have the extension (the text after the @) or in the address. Below is a list of e-mail addresses from which the phishing mails shown above were sent. The phishing mails are also always signed by someone different.

PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []
PostNL | MijnPakket []

What is PostNL doing to combat phishing?

What can you do against phishing?

How can you recognise phishing e-mails?

What should you do with a phishing e-mail?

You already clicked on the link. What now?

Do you have any questions about phishing?