Always the right address with address validation

Avoid delivery problems

Address validation automatically completes your customer's address at the check-out of your webstore. You make it easier for customers to place an order, always have the right address and avoid delivery problems. More purchases and less returns!

Advantages of address validation

  • Makes online orders easier for your customer by automatically completing addresses.
  • Avoids delays in deliveries and unnecessary returns.
  • Always the most up-to-date and complete address data.
  • Very easy to integrate in your webshop with an API.

Foreign shipments? Use address validation Benelux or international

Address validation Benelux comprises address validation for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and address validation international for as many as 171 countries worldwide, of which 51 European countries. Address validation supports several languages and non-standard alphabets and immediately gives the correct address structures per country. This means you can be sure never to use the wrong address. Delays in the foreign delivery network and complaints of customers about undelivered orders are avoided.

How does it work?

What does it cost?

Address validation Benelux

Do you want to use address validation Benelux? Choose the contract form that best suits your webstore. This is based on the number of orders you send annually. For a fixed monthly rate you can make unlimited* use of PostNL address validations.

Address validation Benelux Free

Free to try out

€ 19 per month

€ 49 per month

Personal offer
Number of BE/LUX orders in your webshop < 100 orders per year < 6.000 orders per year 6.000 - 18.000 orders per year > 18.000 orders per year
Number of Benelux address validations 250 Benelux address validations Unlimited Unlimited Personal offer
Number of Dutch* address validations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Personal offer
Technical support by e-mail ? ? ? ?
Technical support by telephone - - ? ?
Personal account manager - - ? ?

*the consumption of the product which in all reasonableness can be expected based on the number of shipments.

Address validation international

To provide the best possible service, you can also try out address validation international free of charge. Or choose a formula that fits your webstore.

Address validation internationalFree

Free to try out

€ 35 per month

€ 100 per month

Personal offer
Foreign orders in your webstore< 100 orders per year< 6.000 orders per year6.000 - 18.000 orders per year> 18.000 orders per year
Number of Dutch* address validationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of worldwide address validations250 worldwide address validationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Technical support by e-mail????
Technical support by telephone--??
Personal account manager--??

*Free address validation for PostNL customers who send up to 250,000 parcels a year in the Netherlands.

These contracts are available for PostNL customers. Do you not send parcels with PostNL? Then too we have an attractive offer for you.