Parcels, mail items and returns

Sending parcels

Check out all the options for sending parcels and carefully choose the option that suits your wishes.

Bulk brieven

Sending mail items

Easily send business mail to the Netherlands or worldwide.


Use our returns service for Belgian or international returns, or choose our Response Service.

Logistics Solutions

We do a lot more besides delivering parcels. We also provide medical transport according to GDP standards, deliver and install XL consumer goods, transport valuable goods, cargo and even plants and flowers.

Data & IT Solutions

Data provides accurate insights into your customers and is therefore a powerful tool to strengthen your customer contact, reduce costs and get higher conversions. Check out our data solutions or read more about how you can connect your webshop to our plug-ins and APIs.

Handy solutions for your business

Delivery during the holiday season

Even during the holiday season, we take the greatest care to collect and distribute your parcels.

Online tools

Here are the three business portals you can log into as a PostNL customer: Pharma & Care, Parcels & Extra@Home or International.

Packaging and accessories

If you need packaging, tape, bags or other materials for your webshop, order them easily and for a competitive price on our packaging site.

Request a quote

You indicate that you expect to send less than 500 parcels a year. In that case, we'd like to direct you to our Online Shipping Service. This service allows individuals to prepare parcels for shipping in a few steps. You can easily bring them to one of our PostNL points throughout Belgium to be send.