All about cookies

What are cookies?

Do you visit a PostNL website? If so, we use cookies which we store on your computer, telephone or tablet. A cookie is a small text file. The information in these text files enables us for instance to recognize you when you visit our website another time. For example, we retain your log-in data and which language you have set, so that we can help you faster next time. 

In addition to cookies, there are other techniques we use to store and read information on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. One example is local storage, the operating principle of which is the same. For the sake of convenience, these are also referred to as cookies. We use various techniques to place cookies, such as Javascript and tracking pixels.

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Would you prefer that we do not store information on you and on the settings of your devices? You can indicate as much at the top of this page. Attention: you have to remove cookies that are already on your computer, telephone or tablet yourself. We cannot do that for you. You can read how to do that below.

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Do you wish to remove cookies?

If you want to remove cookies, you have to do so yourself. Go to your browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. You can also set your browser to inform you when a website uses cookies. You then decide again in every instance whether you want to give your consent. To find out more, use the help function on your browser.

New developments: read this page regularly

The texts of our websites may change at all times. This applies to this cookie statement as well. We therefore advise you to consult it regularly.

Why does PostNL use cookies?

We use cookies for different purposes:

  • Functional cookies: to make our websites more user friendly.
  • Analytical cookies: to analyse the use of our websites.
  • Social media cookies: to share vacancies or web pages via the social medial.
  • Advertising cookies: to place adverts.

On this page, we indicate what each of these types of cookies does. You can also find out the companies from which cookies can be placed on your computer, telephone or tablets. For some types of cookies used by PostNL, we call on other companies, e.g. Google. In such a case, we refer to the website of that company. You can moreover find out what they do with this information. 

Attention: we do our best to keep the summary of these organizations as up to date as possible. Cookies may nonetheless be placed from an organization that is not in the summary. In such a case, contact our customer service, and we will adapt the summary on this page accordingly.

1. Functional cookies: cookies for a user-friendly website

We use cookies to make our websites more user friendly. For such cookies, your consent is not required, because the website works better as a result. For instance, with these cookies we can keep your login data and the purchases in your shopping cart. We also use these cookies so that you do not have to enter the same information every time you visit our website.

2. Analytical cookies: cookies to analyse our websites

We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our websites. With this information we can improve our service, products and information. We therefore see which information can be seen on the website or the app and the instances in which our customer service is contacted afterwards. We then improve that information on the website, so that it is no longer necessary to contact customer service for that purpose. Your consent is not necessary for these cookies, because the website works better as a result. We do not share the data we collect with these cookies with others. 

With these cookies we store in particular the following information: 

  • How long you stay on our website. 
  • Which device you use, e.g. a computer, telephone or tablet. 
  • Which adverts brought you to our website. 
  • Which browser you use. We can also test various designs of the website or our app.

3. Advertising cookies: cookies for placing adverts

We use these cookies to see which pages you visited on our website, so that we can place relevant PostNL advertisements on other websites that you visit. We work together with advertising partners such as Google or Facebook. Through these partners, we can look for other target groups for which our adverts may be of interests. The advertising partners can use advertising cookies to keep track of which sites you visit. We place these cookies only with your prior consent.

We measure how many people click on our adverts and how many of them buy our products or apply for a job. In this way, advertising cookies help us to improve our digital marketing.

Attention: If you do not give us your consent to place these cookies, you can still see our offers. In such a case, we have not based these offers on your behaviour.