Send medical parcels with Express Service

Distribution of pharmaceutical products within 2 hours

Our specialised team delivers medical aids and medication following the European guidelines for Good Distribution Practices. The temperature is permanently registered during transport.

Advantages of Express Service

The Pharma & Care network delivers urgent shipments of medical materials within two hours after pick-up.
  • Choice of GDP Standard, GDP 2°C-8°C or GDP 15°C-25°C

    The temperature is permanently registered and saved electronically.
  • Flexible service

    Our services are extremely flexible and take your wishes and needs into account. 
  • For all kinds of shipments

    The Express Service delivers pallets, multiple-parcel shipments or individual parcels.  

How does it work?

  • Express treatment

    Our Express Service enables you to deliver your shipment to your recipient within the same working day. We can deliver your shipment to both private as well as business recipients.
  • All it takes is one phone call

    After your phone call, your parcels will be collected and delivered the same day. That is regardless of the applicable GDP segment, whether GDP Standard, 2°C-8°C or 15°C-25°C. All shipments are of course transported according to the GDP guidelines. 
  • Full service

    Pharma & Care offers conditioned transport for all kinds of shipments. Whether it’s parcels, pallets, mini-pallets or mixed cargo.  

What does it cost?

The price per parcel depends on the destination of the parcels. The temperature zone (2°C-8°C, 15°C-25°C or GDP Standard) as well as the combination of pallets, parcels and multiple-parcel shipments also help determine the overall cost.

We will be happy to work with you to find a custom solution for your company.

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