Advantages of readable shipping labels

  • No more missed opportunities

    Parcels with poorly readable shipping labels are a missed opportunity for a good delivery.
  • Delivered faster

    With a good shipping label, we can deliver your parcel 10% faster. 
  • Satisfied customers

    A fast and good delivery ensures satisfied customers. And that’s what we do it for!

Five tips to affix your shipping label properly

  1. 1

    Print properly

    Make sure your shipping label is printed properly, not too bold or too light. View all tips to print your (PDF) shipping label correctly here.

  2. 2

    Affix the label at the right place

    Affix the shipping label on the largest side of the box and at the top to the right. 
  3. 3

    Affix the label on a flat surface

    Affixing your shipping label on the right surface makes scanning the barcode easiest. Don't stick your shipping label on a seam, tear-off edge or closure.
  4. 4

    Use one barcode

    Make sure only one barcode is visible on your parcel. That way we can never scan the wrong barcode.
  5. 5

    Five tips to affix your shipping label properly

    Also secure the contents of your parcel properly. This way, you ensure that the contents of the parcel will not shift. And your parcel will not fall off the sorting belt. 

Order a free poster

Order a free poster with all the tips for affixing shipping labels. Hang up the poster in your distribution centre or at the location where you package your parcels. This will help you to remember how to affix shipping labels correctly!

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Order form poster

Order the poster so your shipping label will stick better.

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