Packaging tips

Top tips to send your parcels safely

You can send fragile items with PostNL, but it all comes down to proper, sealed packaging. As the sender, you are ultimately responsible for the packaging. Follow our tips, and you won’t go wrong!

All packaging tips at a glance

Here, you can read how to safely package a parcel on the inside as well as the outside.

Proper packaging starts with the inside of your parcel

  • Wrap your item in paper or corrugated cardboard
  • Put some scrunched up paper on the bottom of your parcel
  • Fill up the remaining space with paper or another type of packing material
  • Make sure the items cannot touch each other

If you are sending liquid, opt for a sealed, leak-proof bottle or jar. Pack the bottle or jar in a crate or sturdy box. Fill up the remaining space with scrunched up paper, or something similar to absorb any shocks and/or leaks.

Protect the contents of your parcel against shocks or impact.

  • Use a sturdy container, e.g. a corrugated cardboard box
  • Use high-quality cardboard for valuable items
  • If you’re reusing the packaging, make sure to remove any old shipping labels and stickers
  • Properly seal the packaging with tape. We do not recommend using sticky tape or rope
  • Make sure your parcel does not have any sharp corners or edges, otherwise it will damage other parcels

Always check the terms and conditions for your parcel

  • Maximum weight per parcel: 30 kg
  • Maximum dimensions per parcel: 100 x 70 x 50 cm

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