Advantages of increased liability

  • Insured from €500 to €5,000

    If you are sending valuable parcels, get them insured from €500 to €5,000.
  • Signature confirmation of receipt

    This is included by default if you choose increased liability.

  • Detailed track & trace

    Follow the status of parcels via the website or PostNL app.

Insured amounts per destination

Parcel origin and parcel destinationInsured valueMandatory?
Shipment within the Netherlands (from the Netherland, to the Netherlands)Max. €5,000, in €100, €250 and (multiples of) €500 optionsNo
Shipments within Belgium (from Belgium, to Belgium)Max. €2,000, in €500 optionsNo
From the Netherlands or Belgium to another EU countryMax. €500No

How much does it cost?

The surcharge on top of the parcel price for this shipment options depends on the number of parcels. We will be happy to help you find the best solution for your company.

Valuable goods

If you are looking for a solution for high-end goods,

Personalised advice

We will be happy to help you find a customised solution.

Can we help you with your business query?

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