International parcel delivery

Delivered by the best network partner on every continent

All your parcels delivered with our famous quality? To any private or commercial address, anywhere in the world? That’s right. Because PostNL selects the best local network partners for you.

  • At least two delivery attempts, with extra delivery attempts depending on the network partner
  • Option of supplementary insurance
  • Detailed Track & Trace
  • Signature of Delivery
  • Intricate pick-up location network

The rate per parcel depends on the weight for the kilogram surcharge, dimensions and number of parcels per year. 

If you become a regular customer with a contract, we will work together to find a custom solution for your business, making you eligible for a discount. 

Want to find out what PostNL can do for you?

PostNL evaluates every local network partner worldwide. We check to see whether our current network partner is still the best possible choice for each country. If not, we switch to better market players. 

Parcels outside the European Union require customs forms for clearance. You can access these documents when readying your parcel for shipment in Mijn PostNL.

  • Maximum weight per parcel: 20 kg
  • Maximum dimensions per parcel: 100 x 50 x 50 cm