Send a valuable parcel within Europe

Mikropakket: shipments with extra care

Does your valuable parcel require extra care? Your parcel is safe with Mikropakket: the absolute market leader in sending valuable parcels. This special service is for parcels with a sentimental value, ADR distribution or specific shipment emergencies for retail in telecommunications, watches and opticians.

Everything revolves around quality and a focus on your shipment. Furthermore, Mikropakket has the highest success rate of delivery attempts of all the distribution networks in the Benelux. Since 1983. 

In addition to our standard service, we offer the following shipping options:

  • 24-hour delivery and pick-up service
  • Swap service
  • Personal delivery, with ID check
  • Missing ratio just 1:84,000
  • Real-time tracking for all vehicles
  • The only fully TAPA A certified network in the Benelux
  • Extra Coverage up to 20,000 euro per parcel
  • Registered Mail: Never delivered to neighbours. Always delivered with a Signature of Delivery

Rates depend on the destination, weight, dimensions and number of valuable parcels per year. 

If you become a regular customer with a contract, we will work together to find a custom solution for your business, making you eligible for a discount. 

To find out what Mikropakket can do for you,

Easy, in 3 steps: 

  1. As soon as you have a contract, we will create your customer number after which you can start sending shipments the following day. 
  2. After creating your customer number, Mikropakket will provide you with the label app to create shipping labels. If you want, we can help you import your customer data in the application. 
  3. You indicate when you wish to send parcels. We will come pick up your parcel on fixed days or on request.
  • The volume and weight are the relevant factors
  • The Mikropakket services are intended for companies with a VAT number