Advantages of Health at Home

Good care can only be provided when the medical aids are delivered on time, whether at the patient’s home or at a care facility.
  • Combining & sorting shipments

    After sorting the medical aids from multiple suppliers, we deliver them to care facilities in one go.

  • Deliveries on any day of the week

    We deliver to patients seven days a week. We will also install any medical aid at the desired location in the home if necessary.

  • Expertly trained delivery drivers

    They can deliver, install and answer any of the patients’ questions.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Medical aids are combined and pre-sorted

    The many logistics processes – from supplier to care facility or patient – makes the overview complex. This is particularly the case if you work with many different suppliers. We tackle that by sorting and combining medical aid shipments from multiple suppliers.

  2. 2

    Everything delivered in one go

    We deliver medical aids on time and completely. Regardless of whether wound dressing products, medical nutrition or waling frames or crutches, we deliver to the patients’ home, the pharmacy or care facility.

  3. 3

    By trained delivery drivers

    With the shift of care to the home domain, new needs have arisen. These include placing monitors, video doorbell connections or sensors for fall prevention as well as being able to answer patients’ questions. Our delivery drivers are trained in this.

  4. 4

    On any day of the week (to patients)

    We deliver to patients at home seven days a week, so also in the weekend or on public holidays.

What does it cost?

The price per parcel depends on the destination of the parcels. The temperature zone (2°C-8°C, 15°C-25°C or GDP Standard) as well as the combination of pallets, parcels and multiple-parcel shipments also help determine the overall cost. We will be happy to work with you to find a custom solution for your company.

Tailored advice

We can provide tailored advice for medical logistics transport.

Express Service

Distribution of pharmaceutical products within two hours of being picked up.

We are happy to discuss the options with you