Sending lithium batteries within Belgium or abroad

The conditions for transporting lithium differ depending on the mode of transport. In general, the following guidelines apply:

New lithium batteries or cells

  • Battery: lithium content not higher than 2 grams/100 Wh.

  • Cell: lithium content not higher than 1 gram/20 Wh.

  • Maximum of four cells or two batteries in one device per shipment.

  • Loose batteries and cells or devices with additional batteries/cells may not be sent by post.

  • Cells and batteries in devices may not completely discharge during transport. Pack them securely (rigid outer packaging and device fixed inside).

  • There must be no risk of the batteries overheating or short-circuiting.

  • The batteries may not be damaged or defective.

  • The batteries must be certified.

  • You may not send used lithium batteries or cells by post.

Examples of what is allowed

Lithium voorbeelden toegestaan

Examples not allowed