Who is our digital colleague Sam?

At PostNL we have called on the help of a digital colleague: the chatbot Sam! You will always speak to him first when you contact us. Sam tracks down parcels and answers many questions himself. Can’t work it out together? Then Sam will put you through to a human colleague.

Contact Sam directly at the bottom of the page.

Why does the contact go through Sam?

We deliver over 1 million parcels in the Benelux on a weekday. And that number just keeps rising! We do our utmost to make sure everything runs smoothly, but unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong. We want to avoid long waiting times at customer service, so our colleagues at customer service have received help from this handy digital colleague. There is therefore always someone on hand to answer your questions.

Where can I talk to Sam?

You will find Sam at the bottom of all Service & Contact pages. Click on one of the buttons to start the conversation with Sam. Ask him questions about that status of your parcel, what to do if you don’t have a track & trace code, and if he cannot help you he will put you through to a colleague.

Why does Sam ask for my details?

Sam will ask you all kinds of questions in order to help you in optimal fashion. Do you have a question, problem or complaint? He will then ask you for some information. Needless to say, Sam will ask only for information that is relevant to your question or problem, e.g. when he puts you through to his colleagues, so that they can help you immediately. Or when he starts an investigation for you into a missing parcel. You can read more about this subject on the page entitled Why does PostNL ask for my details?