Frequently Asked Questions

Which data and why?

To make sure your conversation with one of our employees goes smoothly, our digital colleague Sam will ask you a few questions when you choose to call or chat. The answers you give will be entered automatically into our customer service system. That way, the employee helping you has all the information at hand immediately. Further on this page, we would like to explain which data we ask for and why.

Personal data

When you contact us, we would like to know who you are, where you live and how we can reach you after your first contact in case of a investigation or follow-up questions. We save this information in what is known as a customer card. In this way, we have an overview of the questions you have asked us now and/or in the past.

Forename and surname


Telephone number

E-mail address

Data relating to your question of complaint

To ensure that our digital colleague Daan can help you immediately or that a customer service representative can give you a quick answer, we would like to know more about your question or complaint. So we ask:

  • Whether you have a track & trace code;
  • Whether you are the sender, addressee or a third party;
  • To which country your parcel is on its way;
  • Which product/service your question concerns; and
  • Whether you can already describe briefly your question or complaint.

At PostNL we work hard every day to ensure you will have to provide less and less information relevant to your question/complaint when you contact us in the future.

Additional questions

Will my data be stored by PostNL?

If you have only spoken to our digital colleague Sam, we will forget your details as soon as you leave the website. If you have had contact with a real employee, we will not keep your data any longer than necessary and in any case no longer than five years.