Digitising physical documents

Let us process your mail quickly and accurately

Do you receive many physical documents that need to be processed? You can outsource this time-consuming task to us. We digitise all your incoming physical documents such as mail (returns) and reply cards. We subsequently deliver them to the right people, quickly and in an orderly manner. This saves you time and money.

  • Your mail arrives to us which means we can immediately process the documents.
  • The digitised documents can be used quickly and everywhere.
  • Files are sent and saved via a secure server.
  • We are ISO 27001 certified.
  • We help you find efficient solutions for your company.
We know how important speed, efficiency and accuracy are when processing large quantities of data. That's why we will gladly help you with:

We scan your incoming physical mail flows. Your mail arrives to us which means we can immediately scan the documents. The scans are processed into digital files, which we send via secure data connections to the right department in your organisation. Your (homeworking) colleagues receive their mail quickly, anytime and anywhere. This shortens the waiting periods and allows you to notify customers sooner. This saves you time and money.

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Do you process many forms for donors, logistics info or orders, for example? Our team scans all forms and reply cards and returns them in one structured Excel, CSV or CML file. Even manually written information is processed into digital data. This allows you to process new donors, logistics info or orders into your system a lot quicker.

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Keep your database in order. We scan all your returned envelopes, magazines and advertising and process them into a digital overview. This allows you to easily and quickly update your customer database so that nobody is left out.

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By digitising the mail, we can skip a lot of steps. This translates into a massive reduction of the turnaround time and a higher quality of services

Jemuël Wilkes, COO Syncasso