International business mail

Sending a lot of business mail internationally

If you send lots of mail internationally, you want it to be easy and you want to be sure your customers receive it. You can send your international mail and direct mail quickly and easily with our reliable global network.

*Please note: As of 1 January 2020, goods can no longer be sent with “bulk mail mixed or special foreign mail.”
  • Reliable delivery through our worldwide network
  • Choice of offering mail according to format; large, small, special or mixed
  • Represented in 13 countries with our own offices – local knowledge on hand?
  • Competitive rates already as of 100 pieces
  • Always delivered quickly with Priority

The format, weight and total number of items determine the postage costs. If you are sending a batch with mixed formats, we will calculate the average weight.

Special requirements or larger consignments? We will be happy to discuss them with you and provide you with a customized quote.

The basic rule for each batch of mail you hand over is that they must have the same appearance and format and fall within the same weight class. For example, 0 to 20 grams or 20 to 50 grams. You then hand over the mail as small, large or special. See the table below for an explanation of each format.

FormatSize and weightPackagingContent
SmallMaximum C5-format en 50 grPaper: closed envelope, card or self-mailerPaper
LargeMaximum C4 format and 350 grPaper: closed envelope, card or self-mailer foilPaper
SpecialMaximum 380 x 265 x 32 mm and 2 kgAll mail items, including foilAll types: also goods and gadgets
Do you send mail with different formats and want to save time? Then you can also hand-over mixed consignments. You no longer need to sort, weigh or stamp your mail yourself. We will do that for you. Please note: For shipments within Belgium, the letters may contain goods. For mixed consignments to other countries, the letters may not contain any goods.
Are you sending something of value and do you therefore need more security by means of a signature for receipt? Or do you want a rush delivery abroad? Ask one of our account managers which services you can choose from.
You can only use this service if you have a Dutch return address.