Send parcels within Belgium

Within 24 hours. Including on Saturday. That’s PostNL in Belgium

PostNL delivers your parcels quickly and safely to and from any private or commercial address in Belgium. Thanks to our extensive local logistics network, we can deliver your parcels with the highest quality, within 24 hours. That includes delivery on Saturday.

Occasional shipments? Go to Online Postage Tool.

Do you send more than ten parcels a week? Then for you, a contract would be less expensive. And you’ll also have extra shipping options. 

Occasional shipments? Go to Online Shipping Tool. If you are not sure about your number of shipments, then we would be happy to offer you advice, free of charge. Together we can find the best shipment solution for your business.

Your benefits

  • After  delivery attempts, your parcel will be kept for fourteen days at one of the 1100 PostNL Locations in Belgium
  • If the recipient is not at home on the first delivery attempt, they can change the date and PostNL Location for the next delivery attempt
  • Extra coverage up to 5,000 euro
  • Telephone Customer Service to answer all your customers’ questions
  • Equal rates apply for deliveries on weekdays and deliveries on Saturday
  • You can now have parcels delivered directly to one of the 1100 PostNL locations throughout Belgium

What does it cost?

The rate per parcel depends on the weight, dimensions and number of parcels per year. 

If you become a regular customer with a contract, we will work together to find a custom solution for your business, making you eligible for a discount.

Want to find out what PostNL can do for you?

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How does it work?

As the sender, you choose which options to offer your customers. Our delivery drivers make a standard of two delivery attempts. Is your customer not at home for both delivery attempts and can’t the parcel be delivered to the neighbours? Then, it will be brought to the nearest PostNL Location

Your customer will receive a notification in their letterbox and if possible also an e-mail. They will have 14 days to pick up their parcel. If your customer is not at home on the first delivery attempt, they can change the date or the PostNL Location for the next delivery attempt.

As a regular customer, we can offer you several extra services. For example, you can select the option to have the parcel delivered only to your customer and not to the neighbours. You can also opt to ship a parcel with the Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

Do you have a webshop and would you like to go one step further? Then you might consider PostNL Sunday sorting. In Sunday sorting, parcels are sorted on Sunday and delivered to your customer on Monday.


  • Maximum weight per parcel: 30 kg
  • Maximum dimensions per parcel: 100 x 70 x 50 cm