Send parcels within Belgium

Delivered within 24 hours, even on Saturdays

PostNL delivers your parcels quickly and safely to and from any private or commercial address in Belgium. With our extensive logistics network, we can deliver within 24 hours. That includes Saturday delivery.

Advantages of sending a parcel within Belgium

  • Delivery to a PostNL point

    No one at home? Or would you like the parcel delivered to a pick-up point? It will be kept there for seven days.

  • Customer service and increased liability

    You can contact us by phone, and we offer increased liability up to €2,000.

  • Deliveries on weekdays and Saturdays

    The same rates apply for deliveries on weekdays as for deliveries on Saturdays.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    The sender decides which options to offer their customers

    Our delivery driver delivers to the door by default. If the customer is not at home, and the parcel cannot be delivered to neighbours, it will be taken to the nearest PostNL point.

  2. 2


    Your customer will receive a confirmation in their letterbox, possibly also an email. The recipient has seven days to pick up the parcel at the PostNL point.

  3. 3

    Not to the neighbours

    As a regular customer, you get several extra services. For example, you can select the option to have the parcel delivered only to your customer and not to neighbours.

  4. 4

    Sunday sorting

    If you have a webshop and want to go a step further, you can select Sunday sorting by PostNL. We sort the parcels on Sunday so they can be delivered to your customers on Monday.

How much does it cost?

The price per parcel depends on the weight (max. 30 kg per parcel), the size (max. 100 x 70 x 50 cm per parcel) and the number of parcels per year.

If you become a regular customer with a contract, we will look together for a customised solution for your company, and you will get a discount.

If you would you like to know what PostNL can do for you, contact us.