The benefits of the Response Service

We have a solution for every destination. For example, we offer a free international response service to Dutch freepost numbers. This is perfect for when your customers send back reply cards and letters.
  • The same service worldwide

    A local look and feel and with the same consistent service, which offers trust and recognition.

  • Free responses

    You can offer your customers the option to respond for free, which leads to increased response and more positive feedback.

  • Local rate

    Competitive rates based on the local postal rate makes this an attractive service.

How does it work

We offer a free PO box with a freepost number per country, wherever you advertise. If you opt for a paid response service for your domestic customers, with PO Box Service, we can offer you a PO Box with a freepost number in the countries in which you advertise.

Available in these countries

The response service is available in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, the United States, Hungary and France.

What does it cost

You pay a monthly fee for the PO box. The rate per mail item/postcard depends on the destination and the service: national or international, free or paid. In addition, you also pay a fee to have your reply cards delivered.

Cost and conditions

Maximum dimensions and weight

  • Max. 0.5 kg or max. 2 kg  
  • Max. 38 x 26.5 x 32 mm 

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International returns

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You indicate that you expect to send less than 500 parcels a year. In that case, we'd like to direct you to our Online Shipping Service. This service allows individuals to prepare parcels for shipping in a few steps. You can easily bring them to one of our PostNL points throughout Belgium to be send.

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