What can I send, and what can I not send?

There are certain goods and substances that cannot be shipped within Belgium or abroad. (Inter)national rules must be adhered to. If you adhere to the rules, the local delivery service or Customs and Excise will not have to seize or destroy your package.

Generally-banned goods and substances

There is a legal ban on the shipment of the following goods and substances from any country:

For a complete overview, look on the Customs and Excise site of the country to which you want to ship. Your account manager can also provide you with an overview of Prohibited Goods. Do not hesitate to ask about this.

Hint for shipping to a country outside the EU

If you are shipping packages abroad, you will receive our customs forms via My PostNL. You can use this form to indicate content, value and weight. Attach this sticker to the package. The local Customs and Excise will decide whether the shipped package meets the requirements. They will also check whether the recipient has to pay import duties.

Import duties or tax

When shipping packages to a country outside the EU, the recipient may have to pay import duties and/or taxes.

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