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What are the charges for sending a parcel?

The rate of your package depends on 4 factors: destination, weight, dimensions and insurance. Extra insurance is optional, as PostNL insures your parcel according to the conditions of the Convention for the Carriage of Goods (CMR).

We advise you to use the first step of the Online Shipping Flow (enter destination, weight, dimensions and insurance) After completing this you will see the shipping cost immediately.

What are the maximum dimensions and weight of my parcel?

  • EU parcels may have a maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • Outside the EU we maintain a weight limit of 20 kg.
  • The dimensions may not exceed 100 x 50 x 50 cm.
  • The total dimensions may not exceed 100 cm.

What happens to my parcel if it cannot be delivered at the recipients address?

If you send a parcel to the Netherlands, it goes to a PostNL point near them where it remains available for 1 week. After that, if not collected, it still goes back to the sender.

If this is another European country, we send it back to sender by default.

If this is outside Europe, you can indicate what you want with it during the online shipping process.

What is the standard insurance for sending parcels via the Online Shipping Flow?

PostNL Parcels offers standard insurance according to the conditions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), without any surcharge. These conditions ensure that you are paid a price per kilogram in the event of damage or loss of your parcel.

You can also opt for additional insurance for the price of €2.5. If your package is lost or damaged, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €500 for Belgium and Europe and up to €250 for non-European countries, with a maximum reimbursement of the amount of the purchase invoice. Shipping costs will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Which documents should I provide for shipments to non-EU countries?

The invoice of the content of the parcel and the accompanying customs forms. You will be presented with the necessary customs forms when preparing an international shipment. You can then print these together with your shipping label.

How do I prepare a package for shipment?

First of all, the packaging must be sturdy and well-sealed. It is also important to attach the shipping label correctly to the parcel:

  • Make sure the label is printed on a properly functioning printer so that the data is clearly legible.
  • Prevent the label from getting wet. Cover your label with a transparent plastic sheet.
  • Note: when sending a tube, it is important to stick the barcode lengthwise.

For how long is my shipping label valid?

A shipping label is valid for a maximum of 5 working days after payment. After that your parcel will no longer be accepted at the PostNL location.

Can I send my parcel to special addresses (PO Box, freepost number, other PostNL locations)?

Shipments can only be sent to standard home addresses. PO boxes, business reply numbers or other PostNL locations are not accepted as addresses.

I do not want my forename and surname on the label

Forenames and surnames are always required for the recipient address.

Why is it advisable to include the recipient's e-mail address and mobile phone number?

In foreign countries these recipient details can be used to deliver the parcel. These fields are not mandatory, but they do increase the chance of delivery.

Do I get a receipt when I drop off my parcel?

You will not receive a physical proof of delivery. However, your parcel will be scanned when it is delivered to the PostNL location. This can also be found in Track & Trace. This scan, of which you will be notified by e-mail, serves as proof of delivery.

How many parcels can I bring to a PostNL location?

There are no restrictions on the number of parcels per PostNL location.

My parcel has been refused at the PostNL location.

The PostNL location has the right to refuse a parcel if it does not meet the PostNL shipping requirements. This means that your parcel is larger or heavier than the specified size/weight on the label. The PostNL point may also refuse your parcel if it is not properly packed or if the label is not clearly attached to the parcel.

Has your parcel been refused because of technical problems? Or do you have another question about your parcel being refused? Contact the PostNL Belgium customer service

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